Traditional T’ai Chi

Look here to find resources for the Yang Style T’ai Chi classes.

T’ai Chi Videos
Instructional Videos – these are sort of like mini classes on video. Please note that there are just a few videos up so far. New ones will be posted as I get them edited.

Several videos of the traditional form without instruction.

T’ai Chi Handouts
T’ai Chi – Elements of Breathing, Posture, Movement: Helpful basic tips. (PDF)
Wu Chi Position: Simple description of Wu Chi standing posture with diagrams. (PDF)
T’ai Chi – Foot Positions: Simple diagrams of common foot positions in T’ai Chi. (PDF)
T’ai Chi List – 1st section: List of movements from the first section of the form. (PDF)
T’ai Chi List – 2nd section: List of movements from the second section of the form. (PDF)
T’ai Chi List – 3rd section: List of movements from the third section of the form. (PDF)

Qigong – Zhan Zhuang and Eight Layered Brocade: A list of the movmements in the “Eight Layered Brocade” set of qigong exercises and list of postures for Zhan Zhuang (or standing qigong). (PDF)

Preserving Knee Health
Using the Kua – Preserving Knee Health: This is a page I put together to discuss how to protect your knees in T’ai Chi. Knee health is a very important topic, so you will find it worthwhile taking a look at this page.

More resources will be added as I create them.