There is such a wide variety of information around about T’ai Chi, sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. Over time I will accumulate some of my favorite websites, pages and bits of information and list them below.

This page is in its early stages and will develop over time. So don’t worry if the topics are limited or you are not finding links to information you want. Keep coming back and more will show up.

Using the Kua – Preserving Knee Health

T’ai Chi is generally a very safe form of exercise. The way that we practice it in our classes, it is low impact and the practice of the movements and posture promote improved strength and overall health.

However, one area of concern is the knees. We need to give a fair amount of attention to the position of our knees while we practice the movements. If we fail to maintain good knee structure and if we turn by twisting the legs and knees rather that the “kua” or the hips, we risk damaging the knee joints.

Here are a few major points to remember:

  • When shifting your weight forward, never let your front knee go past the toe. We want our weight going down through the feet, not pressing forward on the patella.
  • Do not let you knee collapse inward. We always want our knees bending and pointing in the same direction our toes are pointing.
  • When turning, fold at the “kua” or the hips. Never turn by twisting your knees. Again always keep the knees in the same direction as the toes.
  • Below are some videos from a few different T’ai Chi YouTube channels that I follow. These videos give a very good explanation of knee, structure, knee health and of turning using the kua.

    Please note that you should consult with a medical professional about any concerns you have with your knees. You should never treat your own knee pain without consulting a medical professional.

    Tai Chi How to: Avoid the Deadliest Tai Chi Exercise for the Knees!
    Turn in the Kua – Protect Your Knees. Empower Your Tai Chi Moves.
    Don’t Twist Your Knees!~Gene Burnett
    How to use your Kua (pelvis) to make you stronger and prevent stress on your knees


    Medical Benefits of T’ai Chi

    Below are a variety of links relating to the health benefits of T’ai Chi. Please note that while there are many studies that have shown how T’ai Chi can improve various aspects of your health, many of these studies are not conclusive and will often offer a small sample size. Nonetheless, the general trend among the studies is that T’ai Chi can help improve your overall health with very little risk of injury.

    The Health Benefits Of T’ai Chi
    The Harvard Medical School has written one of the best articles I have seen about how T’ai Chi can beneficial to a person’s health. It covers a variety of studies and briefly discusses the benefits for someone suffering from various ailments. Definitely worth a read.

    Tai Chi exercise may reduce falls in adult stroke survivors
    Here is an article from Science Daily discussing how T’ai Chi can help improve balance among stroke survivors.

    Tai Chi Benefits For Arthritis Shown
    Another article from Science Daily briefly summarizing how T’ai Chi can improve pain and function among arthritis sufferers.

    Research proves Tai Chi benefits for arthritis
    This is a video with more of the same information from the George Institute. The women who is speaking gets a bit more specific with information.

    Tai Chi Training May Help Reduce Falls in the Elderly
    There are many studies on how T’ai Chi can reduce falls and reduce the severity of falls in older adults. Here is an article from Emory University on the topic.

    Tai Chi Might Help Those With Long-Term Conditions This is an article on WebMD that gives a brief, quick overview of a study from the University of Toronto. The study showed that people with a variety of chronic conditions showed improvement with strength, balance and posture after practicing T’ai Chi after 12 weeks.