T’ai Chi for Better Balance

Below are resources for students of the T’ai Chi for Better Balance, T’ai chi for Healthy Aging and T’ai Chi for Healthy Living classes.



Instructional Videos for each movement. Each videos is like a mini tutorial. Please note that there are just a few videos posted so far. New videos will be posted as I get the edited.
Videos of the movements: A page showing a selection of videos showing many of the movements and the “mini-routine”.


Tai Chi Handout – Improving Balance (PDF)
List of Movements (PDF)
Qigong – Zhan Zhuang and Eight Layered Brocade (PDF)

Movement Descriptions:

Standard Movements
The links below are for PDF’s of the individual move descriptions from the standard T’ai Chi for Healthy Aging program.
Wu Chi Position with Diagram (PDF)
1- Wu Chi, Commencement, Hold The Ball (PDF)
2- Part Wild Horse’s Mane (PDF)
3- Single Whip (PDF)
4- Cloud Hands (PDF)
5- Repulse Monkey (PDF)
6- Brush Knee Twist Step (PDF)
7- Fair Lady at the Shuttles (PDF)
8- Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (PDF)

Bonus Movements
The links below are for PDF’s of many of the individual move descriptions from additional moves that I have added into the set that we do in class. More descriptions will be added in as I write them.
9- White Crane Spreads Wings (PDF)
10-Double Wind to Ears (PDF)
11- Brush Elbows (PDF)

Advanced Bonus Movements
12- Right Scissors, Left Scissors (PDF)
13- Cradle Kicks (PDF)

T’ai Chi Walking
T’ai Chi Walking (PDF)

Preserving Knee Health
Using the Kua – Preserving Knee Health: This is a page I put together to discuss how to protect your knees in T’ai Chi. Knee health is a very important topic, so you will find it worthwhile taking a look at this page.

More resources will be coming soon