Resources for Karen

Hi Karen.

Here is an agenda of what you can do each week. Please don’t feel like you need to stick strictly to this – just use it as a guideline.

Videos of second section moves:

1. Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain 13:44

2. Roll Back, Press from Hip, Roll, Separate, Push 6:07

3. Drop, Wipe, Gather Water, Single Whip 5:40

4. Heel Strikes and Fist Under Elbow 15:03

5. Repulse Monkey 16:52

5.1 Teaching Repulse Monkey

6. Diagonal Flying 4:44

7. Waving Hands in Clouds/Gather Water 15:56

8. Low Single Whip 9:51

9. Snake Creeps Down/Golden Roosters 14:41

10. Cradle Kicks/Close 18:23

That’s all the moves in the second section. I am also going to try to get moves from both the first and third sections on here. But that will probably take some time.

Hopefully, I will also figure out how to get the audio files on here.