Hunyuan Qigong

Below are a few quick resources to help you follow along with the Hunyuan Qigong set that we practice in class. I have just put a few things on here just to get some information out to you all. I’m hoping that sometime in the near future, I will put together some of my own materials and post those up here.

A few notes:
All of the resources listed below come from other sites. As time goes on, I will replace some of these with my own content.

The full set of movements takes a bit of time to run through all the movements. While I would suggest that you do not alter the order, you can start and stop at any point within the set with one exception. If you want to do the 9th movement (“Belt Meridian Grinding”) it is strongly recommended that you do exercises 7 & 8 (“Single Leg Ascending and Descending” and “Double Leg Ascending and Descending”) first.

If you are pregnant (or think you might be) and you get to the last exercise (#12 – “Health Massage” or “Self Massage” Techniques), avoid a couple of the suggested spots as follows:

  • GB-21 is a point along the neck/shoulder muscles
  • LI-4 is in the muscle webbing between the thumb and index finger

Please don’t tap, hit or massage these points if you are pregnant. (I don’t understand the full reasoning – all I know is that these points are contraindicated for pregnant women – meaning don’t use them.)


The “Hunyuan Qigong Practice Reminders” from Midcoast Maine Yoga offers short paragraph descriptions of each of the movement. These paragraphs work better as reminder rather than a how-to guide.

There is also a more complete guidebook in .PDF format. Here is a link to the book for download:

Hunyuan Qigong Feng Zhiqiang

You can also watch this video for the movements. This video comes from “Stone Temple Channel” on YouTube – run by an Italian T’ai Chi Master named Giuseppe Paterniti Lupo. (I only know about him from this video.)

Some of the movements in the video are a little bit different than the ones that I learned, but they are close enough. He also does them a little faster and he is sunken down quite a bite lower than I typically do. Please don’t feel like it is necessary to exert yourself doing these. Remember that the specific structure of these movements are not as important as the intent of the energy movement. The movements alone don’t really offer much without actually guiding the Qi in the intended manner, but this will give a good start until I get the guidebook uploaded or until we go over all the moves in class.