The Beginner Course Resources

Look here to find resources for the T’ai Chi Beginner’s Course.

Please note that these are just the very beginnings – just a very bare-bones of resources. I am editing some video as a refresher for the class and will get that posted soon. You will also see the handouts that I gave you in class posted here soon. Sorry for the delay.

Weekly Class Resources
Go to these pages for handouts and videos specific to that week’s classes:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Wrap-Up Resources

T’ai Chi Videos
Several videos of the traditional form. The videos here are of the form without any commentary. I’ll be posting some video with commentary soon.

T’ai Chi Handouts
T’ai Chi – Elements of Breathing, Posture, Movement: Helpful basic tips. (PDF)
Wu Chi Position: Simple description of Wu Chi standing posture with diagrams. (PDF)
T’ai Chi – Foot Positions: Simple diagrams of common foot positions in T’ai Chi. (PDF)
T’ai Chi List – 1st section: List of movements from the first section of the form. (PDF)

Preserving Knee Health
Using the Kua – Preserving Knee Health: This is a page I put together to discuss how to protect your knees in T’ai Chi. Knee health is a very important topic, so you will find it worthwhile taking a look at this page.

More resources will be added in the coming days and weeks