T’ai Chi for Healthy Living

At the Sudbury Senior Center


T’ai Chi for Healthy Living is a program consisting of easy T’ai Chi movements aimed at improving balance, reducing falls and reducing fear of falling. The movements are gentle and are easy to follow along with.

As we get older, falling becomes one of the greatest risks to our health and well-being. Studies from organizations such as the Harvard Medical School and The Oregon Research Institute have shown that older adults who practice T’ai Chi are less likely to fall, have less serious injuries if they do fall, and have less of a fear of falling. Many aspects of Traditional T’ai Chi contribute to this quality. The movements in the T’ai Chi for Healthy Aging program are done slowly in a relaxed manner with a strong emphasis on appropriate weight shifting.

Because the movements are so gentle and low impact, this program is a great form of exercise for us as we get older. The movements are easy to learn, they can be practiced without a need for any equipment and can be done in even a small space. These movements can also be adapted to be done seated or using a chair, cane or countertop for support.

To see some of the movements we practice in this class, take a look at the short video below.


To read about some of the aspect s of T’ai Chi that can help you improve your balance, click the link below to open a PDF entitled:

T’ai Chi and Improving Balance

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me.