Longfellow Sports Club

203 Oak Street
Natick, MA 01760
(508) 653-4633

This class is currently on hiatus.

Check back soon for updates.

About The Class
This class varies in size from week to week. Some weeks there are just a handful while other weeks we can have more than a dozen participants. Experience levels range from long time participants to newcomers.

In the T’ai Chi for Healthy Aging class, we proceed through a series of T’ai Chi movements with the aim of improving our balance. These are movements that are taken from more traditional styles of T’ai Chi and simplified. This allows participants to follow along more easily so that we can focus on the aspects of these moves that help with our balance.

In a typical class, we will begin with a little bit of Qigong (energy work) practice to get warmed up. We will then go through all the moves we have learned. While we run through the movements every week, the focus of the class changes from week to week. Sometimes we focus on reviewing a movement or learning a new move, while other weeks we spend time on some of the deeper nuances of T’ai Chi. Either way, the classes are very accessible to people new to T’ai Chi as well as to those who are more experienced.

While not required, it is helpful to practice these moves between classes. Participants who practice more frequently tend to experience greater benefits of improved balance, reduced stress and greater enjoyment of the moves themselves.