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Below are some recently added video to help you with you practice of T’ai Chi.

In addition to the videos below, you can find other videos using these links:

Please note that I have pretty much just thrown these up on the page so that you all can have access to them. I will be reorganizing this in the near future so that it will be more user friendly and easier to find helpful videos as I add more.

In the meantime, enjoy your practice of T’ai Chi.

Wuji Position as a Standing Meditation (Instructional) – 12:39

Instruction on how to make the Wuji Position a Qigong or Meditation practice.

Standing Position: Hold the Balloon 6:26

Some instruction on the “Hold the Balloon” standing posture. This is a little more challenging than the Wuji Position.

Rocking Exercises to Improve Rooting – 19:18

A basic Rocking Exercise that is fundamental to improving rooting and stability. Also includes a number of variations to advance your practice.

Mini Routine: Traditional 1-1 – 14:22

A short Mini Routine made up of the early movements from the first section of our form. (Includes the moves from Salutations to Single Whip.) This routine can be looped into and ongoing practice. In this video, we loop through the routine 5 times, including twice silently.

Apologies for the poor framing of the video. (I have the top of my head cut off a bit.) I will re-shoot it soon.

Mini Routine: Traditional 1-2 – 6:01

The second Mini Routine from the first section that runs from Single Whip through White Crane Spreads Wings. Again, we run through it five times with the last two being silent.

This is another video where I am missing part of my cranium. Maybe that is appropriate!

Mini Routine: Traditional 1-3 – 8:57

The third Mini Routine from the first section going from White Crane Spreads Wings through Extended Swim. 5 times, twice silent.

The poor framing happens again. Re-shoots to come.

Mini Routine: Traditional 1-4 – 9:11

The final Mini Routine from the first section running from Twist Steps through Close. As with the others, 5 times, twice silently.

And of course, no brain in this video either. Maybe it is my subconscious way of telling you all to clear you mind. I’m sure that was it.
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