TCHA Handouts and Movement Descriptions

The links below are for PDF’s of the individual move descriptions from the standard T’ai Chi for Healthy Aging program. Please note that additional movements that I include in classes are not available yet. However, feel free to view the videos of the movements.

Tai Chi Handout – Improving Balance
List of Movements
Qigong – Zhan Zhuang and Eight Layered Brocade

Movement Descriptions:

Standard Movements
Wu Chi Position with Diagram
1- Wu Chi, Commencement, Hold The Ball
2- Part Wild Horse’s Mane
3- Single Whip
4- Cloud Hands
5- Repulse Monkey
6- Brush Knee Twist Step
7- Fair Lady at the Shuttles
8- Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail

Bonus Movements
9- White Crane Spreads Wings
10-Double Wind to Ears
11- Brush Elbows

Advanced Bonus Movements
12- Right Scissors, Left Scissors
13- Cradle Kicks

T’ai Chi Walking
T’ai Chi Walking