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Hi Everybody. This page is specifically for the class at North Hill and offers resources that you can complement our T’ai Chi class. Keep checking back as this page will change over time. I will update the information on this page to reflect new content in the class or additional resources that I create over time.


A couple videos showing many of the movements. Please note that the video of the basic movements, show the movements being done “straight ahead” rather than turning towards the corner as we have done in class. I will get a video posted in the near future of the movements done “turning towards the corner”. In the meantime, these videos show the basic structure of the movements.

Standard Movements

Bonus Movements


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Tai Chi Handout – Improving Balance (PDF)
List of Movements (PDF)
Qigong – Zhan Zhuang and Eight Layered Brocade (PDF)

Movement Descriptions:

Standard Movements
The links below are for PDF’s of the individual move descriptions from the standard T’ai Chi for Healthy Aging program. Please note that the descriptions and photos depict the movements being practiced “straight ahead” rather than “turning to the corners”. These descriptions offer the basic structure of the movements.
Wu Chi Position with Diagram (PDF)
1- Wu Chi, Commencement, Hold The Ball (PDF)
2- Part Wild Horse’s Mane (PDF)
3- Single Whip (PDF)
4- Cloud Hands (PDF)
5- Repulse Monkey (PDF)
6- Brush Knee Twist Step (PDF)
7- Fair Lady at the Shuttles (PDF)
8- Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (PDF)

Additional Information

Using the Kua – Preserving Knee Health
Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail and the 4 Primary Jins

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