Framingham Teachers/Admins Wellness Day

Thank you for taking part in the T’ai Chi class at the Framingham Teachers and Admins Wellness Day. I hope you all enjoyed the class and feel as if you got something out of it.

T’ai Chi is an ancient form of “internal” martial arts that originated in China many hundreds of years ago. T’ai Chi is based on the principles and philosophies of Yin and Yang and seeks a sense of balance within the practice.

So, although the literal translation of “T’ai Chi Chuan” is something along the lines of “Grand Ultimate Boxing”, a more accurate description of it may be “Yin Yang Boxing”.

Characters for “T’ai Chi Chuan” – commonly translated directly as “Supreme Ultimate Boxing” or “Grand Ultimate Fist”
Commonly known as the Yin/Yang Symbol. More accurately called the “Taiji” (or “T’ai Chi”) symbol.

During our workshop learned several movements that can be put together into a “mini routine”. This is a set of very simplified movements offering an introduction into T’ai Chi. If you would like to practice this routine, you can use the video below as reference and as a reminder.

Below is a list of movements from the “Mini-Routine” that we did.

  • Wuji Position (standing position)
  • Salutations
  • Ward Off with Left Arm (straight ahead) * the video shows a slightly different move called “Part Horse’s Mane”
  • Turn, Ward Off With Right Arm (facing the right)
  • Roll Back
  • Press
  • Push
  • Drop, Wipe (while turning), Gather Water (facing the front)
  • Turn, Single Whip (facing the left)
  • * The video also shows “Close” which we did not do in the workshop

We discussed the importance of “Rooting” both in T’ai Chi and in life itself, as well as the importance of not over-reaching or of staying within your structure. If we ignore either of these, it is easy to be drawn off balance.

We also threw in an extra movement just for fun that involved spinning with a kick. That movement is called “Sweep The Lotus”. (I’m sorry, but I do not have a separate video of that move.)

Several people asked me about classes that I offer. Most of the classes I offer are during the day and would probably conflict with your schedules. I do offer classes on Monday nights through the Town of Natick Rec Department and I have a class on Tuesday nights at Lumina Mind and Body (part of Longfellow Health Clubs in Wayland. (Just click the links for more info.)

You can find a complete list of my classes by clicking here.

If you have any questions about T’ai Chi or about what we did in the class, please feel free to contact me.