Falls Prevention Day

The MetroWest YMCA is holding a Falls Prevention Awareness Day tomorrow (Tuesday 9/22) from 9-1. The event is free for both members and non-members. Below is an email I received from someone at the Y.

Hi Folks,

Tuesday, 9/22, from 9-1 in the game room, we will have our first Falls Prevention Awareness Day. This is an event that happens annually around the country to raise awareness about falls and falls risks for older adults.

The event is free and members and nonmembers are invited to come. Stop & Shop is donating snacks and drinks for the day. One of our partners, the Framingham Board of Health, is sending a representative to talk to people about home visits to do a safety check. We will play Wii Bowling and a trivia game around falls. There will also be Tai Chi and balance equipment demonstrations.

Please encourage anyone you know who might benefit from learning more about the programs to help seniors reduce the likelihood of falling to join us tomorrow. And of course you are welcome to come in and learn more too.

While they are doing a T’ai Chi demonstration, I will not be there (since I have other classes going on.) But it sounds like it would all be a lot of fun and would have a lot of good information.

If you want more information, I am guessing the best thing to do would be to call the Y at (508) 879-4420.