Building Balance Workshop

Date: Sunday, September 24th
Location: Lumina Mind Body Studios, 522 Boston Post Rd. (Rte. 20), Wayland
To Register: Call (508) 358-6022.
Cost: $40
Experience Level: All levels are welcome.
Due to the size of the room, registration is limited. Early registration is a good idea.

About the Workshop
The benefits of a strong sense of physical balance are many. An improved sense of balance can help us achieve greater athletic performance when we are younger and throughout our lives. We can gain a greater sense of confidence in uneven, rugged or even slippery terrain. As we get older, it can help us avoid dangerous and debilitating falls and help us stay mobile and active in our later years. An improved sense of physical balance can even help us develop a greater sense of mental and emotional balance in life – a greater sense of stability in life.

Everyone can benefit from practicing and improving their balance.

The practice of both Yoga and T’ai Chi provide essentials that are deeply beneficial to a person’s balance. Both practices offer rich philosophies and effective training to improve one’s balance.

Come join Janine and Jon for the Building Balance Workshop as we explore the ideas from both traditions. In this workshop we will discover:

  • The hazards of poor balance and the benefits of improved balance.
  • The essential philosophies of balance that Yoga and T’ai Chi share and where they differ.
  • Core tips that can improve your sense of balance.
  • Strategies that can help you practice to improve your balance.
  • Numerous balance drills that can be tailored to your level of ability, and that will challenge you to improve.
  • Stations to practice these drills.