Week 2 Resources

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Hi Everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the workshop classes. I must say that I am so happy to see that you have all been putting in a good deal of effort between classes. I know many of you were feeling as if you weren’t picking much up in between classes, but from what I saw, you are all further along than I would have thought after one week.

If you look back on the first sheet that I handed out last week (the one that has a few tips on it) you will see that there is a section that discusses having patience and perseverance. Both of those qualities will help you as we move through the next couple weeks (and beyond).

Please don’t feel that I have any expectation of you memorizing every move we do in class. This is all a process that takes longer to develop than we often think it should. But it will develop and unfold as you move forward.

Anyway, here are the handouts that I gave you at the Week 2 class. I will put the videos at the bottom of the page as I get them edited and posted.

Class Handouts

The Bow Stance
General Concepts
Week 2 Stances

Movement Videos

I have re-posted the first video with the voice properly synced.

I’ve got all the videos for Week 2 posted here now. Yay!

Welcome, Right Scissors, Rest


Right Shoulder Strike


White Crane Spreads Wings


Swims, Strike With Right Hand


Left Scissors