Week 1 Resources

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Thank you all for coming to the Beginner’s Course. We covered a lot of movements so I’ll be providing you with a bunch of support materials to help you out. Please don’t feel like you need to go through everything. Just know that it is here so that you can refer back to it when you need it or if you want.

Probably the piece that you are most looking for is the video. The video below is pretty rough (I didn’t do a whole lot of editing) and it is longer than I intended. Feel free to watch through the whole thing, but what will probably work best is if you play a chunk of it that contains a single move or talks about a single concept and work through that. Just keep moving through it in little bits and pieces.

Next we have the handouts that I gave you in class. You probably don’t need these, but they are here if you ever need them.

Intro Page (PDF)
Wuji Position – Deeper Concepts (PDF)
Week 1 Stances (PDF)

I know this was on the front page of the resources, but it is important enough that I am putting it here, too. This is a page that talks about keeping the knees healthy. It talks about using the “Kua” which is basically the hip joints or the folds between the legs and the abdomen. Even though it is not a concept we went into deeply, it is worth looking at, as knee health is very important.
Using the Kua – Preserving the Knees

I am also including a link to a page that talks a little more deeply about “Peng, Lu, Ji and An” (the four expressions of energy).
Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail and the 4 Primary Jins