The Beginners Course

Lumina Mind and Body
522 Boston Post Rd.
Wayland, MA 01760
(508) 358-6022

When: 5:15-6:45pm, Thursdays 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/5
Where: Lumina in Wayland, Studio 1
Investment: $100 for the 4 week course
To sign up: call (508) 358-6022 or go to Lumina’s Registration Page

This 4-week course offers an introduction to the concepts and philosophies of T’ai Chi, including movements from the Beginner Section of the “Yang 37” or “Cheng-Man Ch’ing” style of T’ai Chi. The movements in this style of T’ai Chi are gentle, fluid movements and are an ideal form of exercise for men and women of any age. The meditative quality of the practice offers a way of finding a more peaceful state of being.

Throughout the four weeks, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the principles that make T’ai Chi an effective martial art as well as a meditative, centering practice benefitting health and well-being. Each week we will learn a set of movements from the form, learning not just the basic movements, but some deeper qualities that will contribute to a greater understanding of T’ai Chi. We will touch on some philosophies, some history and few stories that help to illuminate where T’ai Chi came from and why it is such an effective form of exercise and martial art.

The movements taught in this class compose the “First Section”, or “Beginner Section”, of a three-part overall form. This section takes about five minutes to complete and can be used as a standalone practice or can lead into the subsequent sections of the form. Completing this course will prepare participants to independently practice this form at home or to continue on into the Advanced T’ai Chi program offered at Lumina Mind Body Studios.

If you would like to read a little more about T’ai Chi, click here.

Course Agenda of Movements

Week 1

  • Wuji Position (T’ai Chi Standing Posture)
  • Peng, Lu, Ji, An (4 expressions of energy in T’ai Chi)
  • Salutations
  • Ward Off Left, Ward Off Right
  • Roll Backs
  • Press
  • Push
  • Single Whip

Week 2

  • Right Scissors, Rest
  • Right Shoulder Strike
  • White Crane Spreads Wings
  • Right Swim, Left Swim
  • Strike with Right Hand
  • Left Scissors

Week 3

  • Deflect Downward
  • Double Brush Knee
  • Extended Swim
  • Twist Steps
  • Brush Elbows

Week 4

  • Push
  • Double Upward Block
  • Cross Wrists
  • Close
  • Review